Zach Clairville:

Zach has spent a number of years now working with "professional drawing people." Unfortunately he himself is not a "professional drawing person," he is however, massively enthused by art, and continues to evolve his style based on his own observations and the work of those around him. If you ask him when the comic will lock down a style and stop evolving he will look at you all weird and ask why he would ever want to do that. As far as he is concerned, continuity is nowhere near as important as growth. His future goals include making Kobayashi throw up a solid unchewed hotdog, and someday becoming a "professional drawing person".
Sam Batzdorff:

When he's not surrounded by mountains of literature in his workplace, Sam enjoys filling his home with more books than he has room for. Also, he likes arguing for deep skepticism and avoiding sunlight. Sam's the primary writer, and creative force behind the majority of the storyline.
Natalie Tafilaw:

Natalie does most of her work behind the scenes: pointing out Sam's spelling errors in a snarky voice, making cookies to fuel long hours of comic-creating, and designing some of the weirder costumes. She enjoys finding existentialism in all things, fangirling superintelligent fictional males, and wearing colored socks.